Master's Thesis


  • Historiography and Bibliography

  • Abandoned Nicholas de Cusa Outline

  • Thesis Brainstorming 

  • Typed Research

  • Abandoned de Cusa Idea

  • Abandoned Emergentism Idea


The Unquiet Brit:

Fowler and his Skirmish in the Ashes in The Quiet American (2016)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Master of Arts, English, 2017

Nominated for University Graduate Student of the Year

For in Gold Fire is Tested:
Wife Faith as Catalyst in Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” (2008)

New Land for Archer:

Examining Newland Archer’s Fantasies and Narcissism in Wharton’s Age of Innocence (2007)

Fall from the Sky: A Spiritual and Psychoanalytic View of Anakin’s Turn to the Darkside (2007)  

Sure shot, or round of Blanks? (2008)

He’s My Father Too: A Hero’s Need for a Father’s Acceptance in He-Man (2007)

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Beaten and Broken (1997)

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My name is Jeff Timothy LeJeune. I was born in south Louisiana and reside there today. Above all, I am a creator. I like to make things and enjoy the process involved in doing it. Subjects I enjoy include history, photography, literature, writing, sports, science, and filmmaking. I believe in a quotation from Leonardo DaVinci and try to live my life as if it were a fundamental truth: "Time stays around long enough for those who use it."

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