Hello. My name is Jeff LeJeune, and I'll write your story.


How many times have you told just bits and pieces of your life story to people and had them tell you that you could write a book? How many times have you taken those words home with you and dreamed of telling and publishing your very own story, only to scratch the thought from the realm of possibility because you don't have the confidence to translate the words from your head onto the page?

I have heard this very line from dozens (and dozens) of people: "I could write a book on my life story." Or, when they find out I'm a writer, "You should write a book on my life." So I figured why not start offering this service to the people who desire it the most.

You can have your life story bound in the pages of your very own book. You can have your name as a published author on the cover. Contact me and we'll talk about the possibilities.


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Published under Jeff's own independent imprint, these books represent a child-hood love for tapping out stories on a typewriter and binding the pages into a book. The craft of it all was just as important as the writing of the story. 


Combining appropriate visuals and text, Jeff combines a childhood love of scrapbooking with the lessons learned in his public history studies to create stunning and engaging digital exhibits.


In this collection, Jeff's growth as a critical essay writer is on display. From his first writings in undergraduate studies at McNeese State to those at St Edward's and his latest at Louisiana-Lafayette, Jeff exhibits his willingness and ability to learn new techniques and research methods.

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My name is Jeff Timothy LeJeune. I was born in south Louisiana and reside there today. Above all, I am a creator. I like to make things and enjoy the process involved in doing it. Subjects I enjoy include history, photography, literature, writing, sports, science, and filmmaking. I believe in a quotation from Leonardo DaVinci and try to live my life as if it were a fundamental truth: "Time stays around long enough for those who use it."

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